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Logitech Sound System Z906 is a THX-certified 5.1 surround speaker system. The sound system is fit for personal computers, televisions, Blue-Rays, DVD players, gaming devices, etc. However, it is primarily designed for computer use. With the 500 watts of RMS rating, it should be able to shake your doors, windows, and furniture. In this post, we will see if it delivers that what is expected of it.

What’s in the Box

Once you have purchased the sound system, you will get a cardboard box with it; the box includes Speaker Connection Wire, 1.80 m Six-Channel Direct Cable, Compact Stackable Control Console, Wireless Remote, three AAA Batteries, User Documentation (User Manual), and warranty documents.

Design and Features

Logitech z906The cube-shaped 165W-Subwoofer of Logitech Sound System Z906 is of a side-firing design. All the five 67W-Satellite Speakers of the sound system look robust and are upward-facing. Moreover, dark grey color gives the Subwoofer and the Satellite Speakers a sleek and sophisticated look. On the Subwoofer back panel are one 6-channel direct input for PC Sound Card, two Digital Optical inputs, one Digital Coaxial input, one RCA input, and one DB-15 Pin Connector Jack.



Z906 features the 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound system. Of the five Satellite Speakers, one is the Center Speaker; two are the front speakers, and two are the rear speakers. You will get three 4.6-meter cables for the Front and Center Speakers and two 7.6- meter cables for the rear speakers.

Logitech z906Logitech Sound System Z906 provides a ‘Wireless Infrared Remote Control’ and a ‘Digital Control Console’, allowing you to work on the Input Select, Mute, Level Select (subwoofer, rear satellites power, center channel or main volumes), Volume/Level Up and Volume/Level Down, and Effect Select options conveniently. The sound system features Stereo 3D, Stereo 4.1 and Stereo 2.1 configurations. When you will select the Stereo 3D, you will enjoy a 3D surround sound effect through all the speakers. On the other hand, while playing the Stereo 4.1, you will have a stereo sound effect through the subwoofer as well as the front speakers and the rear speakers. The Stereo 2.1 will give you stereo sound effect through the subwoofer and the front speakers.


Logitech z906We tested Z906 for different kinds of devices. We used it with computer, laptop, phone, television. It performed best with computers and phones. It was loud without distorting and shook the couch where we were sitting. Based on our tests we are confident to say that you can perfectly enjoy hearing every beat of soundtracks without missing an iota of sound even if you listen to music at a normal volume. At the same time, when you will listen to music, particularly Metal/Heavy Metal music at a high volume, you will see that a few light furniture items in the room are being shaken by the clearer and louder sound of the music!

The satellite speakers of the sound system are wall mountable. So, you can enjoy each and every rhythm of music unchanged, staying wheresoever in the room. While listening to music, you will enjoy the music with accurate frequency response and minimal amounts of noise and distortion from the speakers even at the maximum volume.

Logitech z906

Nice robust design, 500 watts RMS, high fidelity, control console, and remote control.Base is not as deep as its predecessor.


Logitech Sound System Z906 outputs high fidelity sound. The base is not as deep as you might expect, but it still has the ability to rock you. However, in its price range, Z906 is one of the best sound system for music, movies, and gaming. We highly recommend Logitech Z906.


Logitech z906* 5.1 digital surround sound
* THX-certified cinema-quality sound
* 500 watts (RMS) of power
* Connect up to six devices simultaneously: TV, DVD player, DVR, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, iPod and more
* Compact control console and wireless remote
* Dolby Digital and DTS

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