Belkin HDMI Cable Review

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Belkin HDMI cable comes different sizes. Today we are going to review the 2-meter Belkin HDMI Cable. The cable has thick plastic insulation. The connectors are gold plated and solidly built. It is durable and should last for a long time. It supports 3D movies, features built-in Ethernet that supports up to 10.2 Gbps bandwidth. We tested it using our custom made gaming desktop 2014, HP 2000 laptop, Samsung F5000 television, and Asus VH222H monitor.

Belkin HDMI1 AV cableFirst thing first, plugging in the connectors didn’t cause us any trouble at all; they fit snugly to the HDMI ports of the different devices we had at our disposal for testing. In each case, the audio and video worked flawlessly.

Ethernet data transfer rate was excellent when we connected our desktop and laptop; We connected our laptop to Samsung F5000 television and played HD movies stored on our laptop. The movies played with full-color accuracy in extraordinary details. There was no audio or video lag whatsoever even when we ran action and racing games such as NFS Payback, Darksiders 2 etc.



High-speed full HD, 3D compatible HDMI cable with ethernet. Durable, simple, and good looking.Pricey

The 2-meter Belkin HDMI cable is priced just under $20. It may seem a bit pricey but it is one of the best HDMI cables on the market. It works flawlessly for movies, including 3D movies and latest games, without any audio-video lag. It will last a long time too. AffordableProductReview highly recommends Belkin HDMI cable.


Belkin HDMI1 AV cable*Full HD 3D-enabled.
*Built-in return audio channel.
*Up to 120Hz refresh rate.
*Built-in Ethernet supports up to 10.2 Gbps bandwidth

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