F&D A111 2.1 Speakers Review

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Fenda aka F&D A111 2.1 Speakers features two 4-inch full range satellite speakers and a 4-inch bass driver for the subwoofer. F&D A111 comes with USB and SD card input so you can use it as a standalone audio player. However, it can be connected to many different sources, for example, television, desktop, laptop, or even with your portable digital devices, such as mobile phones, or mp3 players given that you have a 3.5mm to RCA male cable.

What is in the box?

Fenda A111 comes in a frustration free packaging. The package contains the Fenda 2.1 sound system, a single 3.5mm to RCA male cable, user manual and other documents.

Design and features

Fenda A111F&D A111 2.1 Speakers have durable built. The two satellites have a smooth round shape and look elegant. They have a flat base for staying stationary even when the volume is pumped up to the highest. It has an iron grille to cover the speaker inside. Just below the grille is the logo of Fenda, i.e., F&D in silver italic, which looks posh. The two satellites look pretty cool and have a nice feel about them. The wires of both satellites are 4 feet long.



The subwoofer cabinet is built with wood. It is front firing. The 4-inch bass driver is covered with hard iron grille and has exact same design like that of the satellite speakers. On its left, it has the bass reflex hole. On its right, it has the audio in/out RCA ports, volume and bass controllers, power on/off switch, USB port, SD card slot, and three buttons (Forward, Reward, Play/Pause). Just beneath the buttons, there are USB/SD quick operation notes, which came pretty handy while playing music from USB Pen Drive or from SD cards with multiple folders.

Having the control and input panel on its side makes it difficult to decide which way you would place it. If you place its front toward your face, then the cables coming out from its side looks odd and cluttered. On the other hand, if you place its front toward your right, then you do not get the bass coming directly toward you. The solution to this problem is to hide the subwoofer from your sight. It is not as posh looking either.

Except for this minor design glitch, everything else is fine. The USB, SD ports, and buttons are well-built and tough. They will not wear off easily. F&D A111 model also features built-in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operating voltage range.


Fenda A111We tested the F&D A111 2.1 Speakers using various sources such as a laptop, desktop, television, USB Pen Drive and SD card. A111 has a surprisingly loud volume for a speaker of its size. It delivered sound with high fidelity and moderate bass at first. We turned the bass up using the bass controller located on the side panel. At high bass (from approximately 90 to 100 percent), the sound output started to distort. The bass worked best for 60 to 85 percent range (A111 does not have a digital display. So, we can’t tell the exact bass settings parameter). On the other hand, A111 also started to distort when the volume was turned 90% or up.

On the positive side, it was still very loud below 90%. And the bass was deep enough for its size.

Fenda A111We had MP3 and WMA format songs stored in the Pen Drive and in the SD card. It recognized both formats and played the songs seamlessly. Pressing the forward or reward button for 3 seconds allowed us to move to different folders of songs, which was convenient. But 3 seconds felt a little too long to us, especially when we tried to move to a folder that was four or five folders next to the current one. Everything worked fine and as expected.

F&D A111 delivered the best output when connected to the Samsung F5000 LED television. The sound output was excellent. It allowed us to enjoy a different level of TV audio experience. Being a 2.1 sound system, and being compact in design, it nicely blends in with the surrounding and complemented the look of the television. We connected A111 to the headphone output of the television, this way we could increase or decrease the volume with TV’s remote control.

F&D A111 delivers great sound with high fidelity and moderately deep base. It blends in nicely with LED television setup and improves TV audio output to a great degree. The satellites look adorable.Control and input ports are located on the right side causing difficulty to set its front side in the proper direction.


Fenda A111F&D A111 2.1 Speakers deliver great sound output with high clarity and a moderately deep base. You can connect this 2.1 sound system to your laptop, desktop, television or other digital music players. It can be used as a standalone music player as well. You just need to insert a USB Pen Drive or an SD card into its USB or SD card port. A111 satellites have a nice finish, and they blend in nicely with your television or laptop setup. It does not come with remote control. If you want the same model with remote control, you have its younger brother, the A111F. AffordableProductReview highly recommends F&D A111 as low budget external speakers for your television, or laptop. You may also want to read our post on best 5.1 surround sound system.


Power output: 11Wx2+13W (RMS)
Satellite driver: 4-inch full range
Subwoofer driver: 4-inch
Frequency response: 120 – 20KHz (satellite) 65 – 120Hz (subwoofer)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 65dB
Separation: ≥ 35dB
Dimension: (WxHxD mm) 128x116x110 (satellite) 198x210x188 (subwoofer)
Weight: 2.7Kg (net)

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