DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER review

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DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER is suitable for rooms that are up to 160 square feet in size (given the floor-to-roof height is up to 11 feet). It is compact and portable. It features motor-driven swiveling structure, ceramic heating technology, full function remote control, digital display, adjustable room thermostat, tip over safety switch, and removable and washable anti-dust filter.

What is in the box?

Delonghi DCH4590ER comes in a nice colorful box. The box contains the ceramic heater, a remote control (battery included), user manual, and energy saving guide.


Delonghi DCH4590ERDelonghi DCH4590ER is an aesthetically designed room heater in black and dark gray that blends nicely with your existing decor. It looks and feels nice. It has smooth round edges that give it an adorable and posh look. The outer shell is made of hard plastic. The large heating surface on its front is covered by an iron grille. The ceramics and coils are visible through the grille. Above the iron grille is a nice display with Power on/Standby, Swing, +/- regulation, a Power selector, Mode, and Timer buttons around it. The buttons are big and easy to get used to. The remote sensor is located above the display. There is a pilot light above the control panel that switches on as you plug in the device.



The back part of DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER has a removable and washable anti-dust filter. Once you remove the dust filter by a slight push on the latch, which is sturdy, you will find a net to catch dust and see the fan inside. The filter can be easily cleaned using a small brush.

The base of the ceramic heater is strong enough to hold it still even when it is swinging. But the base is not just for keeping the device standing; it has a switch that ensures tip over safety as well. The switch requires that the device is put on an even surface. DCH4590ER will not even start up if placed on an uneven surface. This is a very effective and intuitive safety feature of this fan heater, because, if by accident it tips over and keeps functioning in that fashion for some time, the air passages may get blocked and cause serious electrical damage to the device. All room heaters should be kept at least a little away from walls or other blockages – the same applies to this fan heater too.


Delonghi DCH4590ERThe display has an orange background and black fonts that are large and easy to see from distance. The pilot light above the display turns on in red when you plug it in. The Ceramic Heater beeps twice every time you press a button; the display also shows the function associated with the button you just pressed.

DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER offers three modes of operation: Heating, Fan, and Freeze Protection. In heating mode, it can be set to MIN (1100 watts), MAX (1800 watts), or Auto (automatically determines the power according to room condition). In Fan mode, only the fan is active and the appliance does not heat the room. When it is in Freeze protection mode, it keeps the room temperature at 7-degree centigrade to avoid freezing.

DCH4590ER lets you set room temperature from minimum 16 to maximum 32-degree centigrade. You can make it show the temperature in either degree centigrade or degree Fahrenheit. In order to switch between units, you just need to hold the + button down for at least 5 seconds, then release.

The remote control is small and slim. It is easy to hold and lets you use all functions of Delonghi DCH4590ER remotely.

Delonghi DCH4590ER is easy to carry. Nothing about Delonghi DCH4590ER is flimsy. It is easy to operate and maintain.


We plugged DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER in. The good thing about this ceramic room heater is that plugging it into the power socket does not turn it on. It just gets into standby mood. You need to press the power button in order to start heating your room. This prevents it from unwanted power usage or room heating. It beeped thrice and the display turned on automatically.

Delonghi DCH4590ERThe room was 144 square feet in size with a floor-to-roof height of approximately 10 feet. Room temperature was 16-degree centigrade. We set DCH4590ER to heat till the room temperature rises to 23-degree centigrade. It took 44 minutes to accomplish the task. Once the room temperature rose to 23 degrees, DCH4590ER stopped heating. It resumed heating as the temperature dropped again. The heater stopped and resumed heating quite a few times during the process. And we also observed that it did not stop or resume heating according to the thermostat. However, in the end, it managed to heat the room.

On the positive side, Delonghi DCH4590ER functioned almost quietly the whole period. The only sound we could hear was of the fan spinning. It stayed quiet the whole time. But the loud beep upon a press of a button could be annoying in a quiet room, especially when you are sleeping. Setting the room heater to swing mode helped temperature rise in the room evenly. The room felt very comfy. The remote control worked seamlessly.

Affordable, safe to use, automatic power selection saves electricity, digital display, room thermostat, remote control, swing option, removable anti-dust filter.Makes a loud beep sound, which could get annoying in a quiet environment.


DeLonghi room heater DCH4590ER is a compact room heater with an elegant design. It is very safe to use thanks to its ceramic heating technology and tip over safety switch. Its automatic power selection ability reduces electricity consumption. It does not make unwanted noise even when it is in swing mode. The full-function remote control makes life easy. The anti-dust filter does catch dust, and it is easy to clean. AffordableProductReview highly recommends Delonghi DCH4590ER for rooms that are up to 144 square feet in size.


Delonghi DCH4590ERDimensions (WxDxH cm): 25x17x34
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 230~50
Anti-frost function: Yes
Digital timer: 24 h
For rooms up to (m3): 55
Heating power – Max (W): 1800
Heating power – Min (W): 1100
Motor-driven structure: Yes
Room thermostat: Yes
Summer ventilation: Yes
Tip over switch: Yes

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