Safe and durable Tablets for Kids

You must consider a lot of things before buying a Tablet PC for your child. Most importantly, you need to consider how a Tablet might affect your child mentally and physically. You need to consider how safe the tablet is that you intend to buy for your child. However, above anything else, you need to decide if it is a good decision to buy your child a tablet PC in the first place considering what the physicians have to say about it. If your decision is to buy one, you should consider buying something that is eye-friendly, durable and features great parental control software. You may also want to check our post on best tablets under $100. Here’s a list of safe and durable Tablets for Kids.

There are not many great choices when it comes to buying Tablets for kids. However, the following comes to mind first considering the features and pricing they have to offer.

1. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet
2. Apple iPad Air 2
3. Apple iPad
4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A
5. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids
6. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus
7. NPOLE Kids Tablet

I personally believe, Tablets are safe and even beneficial for children’s learning and overall development as long as you make sure they don’t get to use them for long hours, and that they maintain a safe screen-to-eye distance. You must make sure that the brightness and contrast of the screen are adjusted in accordance with the ambient light so that no shed of light emitting from the screen appears on their faces.

Even though I am against giving mobile phones to children at an early age, but I am in favor of giving a tablet to a child as long as the tablet has a great screen optimized for eye-safety. Mobile phone screens are too small for the little ones. If you are going to buy a tablet PC for your child, my suggestion is to go for a larger screen (at least 8″ in size). I would suggest connecting the tablet PC to your Wi-Fi Television, so they can watch the same content on a bigger screen from distance. It may not work well when they are gaming, but most often they just want to watch videos and cartoons or use educational apps. There are hundreds of good learning apps and games that are actually very helpful and stimulating for children. Despite what physicians say, my experience is that kids who get to use Tablet for a limited time (1 to a maximum of 2 hours) a day are smarter and more knowledgeable than kids who don’t have access to safe and durable Tablets.

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