Logitech Wireless Mouse m185 Review

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Logitech is a household name in the world of computer accessories. Generally, Logitech Mouses are precise, lasting, and user-friendly. Logitech Wireless Mouse m185 is no exception. It is a plug and play mouse compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac, and Linux.

What is in the box?

m185 comes in a recyclable transparent plastic package. The package contains the m185 Wireless Mouse, the tiny wireless receiver, and an installation guide. The AA battery comes pre-installed inside the button, but it is insulated with a removable paper.

User-friendliness of m185

Logitech Wireless Mouse m185 has a nice shape and size. It fits nicely in your hand. It is neither too big nor too small to use. On the top, m185 has two buttons and the scrolling wheel like all other regular Mice. However, the scrolling wheel can be pushed down to enable optional functions for certain application such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, and so on. For example, while your cursor is on a word, you can single push the scroll wheel to select the word.



Logitech Wireless Mouse m185On the bottom, the m185 Mouse has a battery compartment, an on/off switch, and the Wi-Fi transmitter lens. When using for the first time, you need to open the cover of the battery compartment and pull the paper insulator out. m185 includes safe storage for its Nano-receiver inside the battery compartment. However,  the battery cover feels a little loose.

As already mentioned, Logitech Wireless Mouse m185 is a PnP device, so, you will not need to install any software to get it recognized by your operating system. Just insert the Nano-receiver into a USB port of your computer and give your computer to set it up automatically. It will take only 15 seconds and you can start using the m185 Mouse.

Features of m185

Logitech Wireless Mouse m185m185 Mouse has 10-meter effective wireless range, that is, you can use it 10 meters away from the Nano-receiver. We tested it from 20 feet away from our computer and it worked perfectly and precisely. The scrolling is smooth. The second option of the scrolling wheel gives it an intuitive touch.

Logitech claims that the single AA battery used in m185 will last for 12 months of average usage. M185 comes with a three-year hardware warranty. Our experience says that you will not have to replace the battery more than 4 times over three years usage, given that you use the on/off switch and do not use the mouse more than 12 hours a day.

Affordable wireless mouse, no delays or dropouts, 10-meter effective wireless range, 1-year battery life, nicely shaped. No protection for accidental liquid spill.


Logitech Wireless Mouse m185 is precise and smooth to handle. We could play some games such as Silent Hill Homecoming using m185. However, it is not suitable for playing games such as first person or third person shooter games. But you can use m185 to play games that do not require quick repeated clicks. You need to avoid spilling liquid on the Mouse. m185 is a great wireless mouse available at an affordable price. We highly recommend m185.

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