A4Tech K4-61x Gaming Mouse Review

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A4Tech k4-61x is a full speed gaming mouse. It is a small mouse more suitable for working with a laptop. It supports 4-way scrolling, 4-DPI-Shift, 16-in-1 gestures and 4X bandwidth for gaming.

What is in the box?

The A4Tech Mouse comes in a transparent plastic package. The package contains the A4Tech K4-61x gaming mouse, the removable retractable cable, a CD containing driver and software, and a user’s manual.

Design and features

K4-61x is a tiny mouse, perhaps too small for an adult. Also, it is more suitable for right-handed users. The mouse’s size is kept so compact intentionally, to make it more portable and suitable to use with a laptop.



A4Tech K4-61x Gaming Mouse has four buttons and a scrolling wheel. Two of the four buttons are for left click and right click. One of the other two buttons is located left to the scroll wheel and can be programmed to give 16 different gestures by clicking. However, this button will only work after you install the bundled software. The transparent button above the scrolling wheel lets you choose from four different DPI (400/800/1200/1600) sensitivity with LED indications.

You can use the scroll wheel for horizontal and vertical scrolling. But, you need to install the bundled software to enable 4-way scrolling. The retractable cable has a mini USB jack on one end (that goes into the Mouse) and the regular USB port on the other end of it.


A4Tech K4-61x Gaming MouseA4Tech K4-61x Gaming Mouse features four times more bandwidth than traditional Mice. It operates at 500Hz in contrast to the 125Hz transmission speed of traditional Mice. We did not experience lagging or dropouts while playing intense first person or third person shooter games. The mouse is very precise at pointing on tiny objects when DPI is set to 1600 by pressing the DPI button above the scroll wheel. On the bad side, the mini USB jack on one end of the retractable cable makes it hard to aim at desirable objects. Moreover, the retractable cable is only 2 feet in length making it impossible to use the Mouse a little away from your laptop or desktop. A4Tech K4-61x Gaming MouseOn the plus side, the retractable cable is removable and usable on other USB devices.

The 16-in-1 gestures and 4-way scrolling features only work if you install the software. We installed the software and tried to use the features. But, it made the Mouse perform very slowly and poorly. While gaming, the 16 gestures and 4-way scrolling features of K4-61x became impossible to use.

Cheap gaming mouse. It works on most surfaces, 4X bandwidth, 4 DPI Shift, retractable USB cable.Poorly designed, the software enhanced features such as 4-way-scroll, 16 gestures do not work.


A4Tech K4-61x Gaming Mouse is cheap and comes with some additional features. It can work on shiny surfaces such as glasses. However, K4-61x is a poorly designed. You can still enjoy less action intensive games and do the regular computing using K4-61x, but the software enhanced features (16 gestures and 4-way wheel) of K4-61x just does not work at all. K4-61x is available under $10.

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