Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PC Review

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Black Cat 360 gamepad for PC is meant for playing high-end PC games that require a 360-degree controller. It is a generic Gamepad, so you may need to download additional software such as the Xbox 360 controller emulator to configure and match its keys with those of an original Xbox 360 controller.

What is in the box?

Black Cat 360 Gamepad comes in a transparent plastic box. The box contains the Gamepad, a driver CD, and a manual.


Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PCThe 360 Controller by looks much like a regular black Xbox 360 Gamepad. It has the left and right stick, the D-Pad in between the two sticks, the four face buttons, left and right triggers, left and right bumpers, select and start, and the mode button. The four face buttons are named as 1, 2, 3, and 4 instead of X, Y, A, and B.



Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PC has a nice matte finish on black. It has an ergonomic design. It fits in your hands just nicely. The buttons, controlling sticks, and the D-Pad are impressively soft and easy to reach and handle. The gamepad vibrates when you get hit in the game. It is durable and lightweight.


This is a Plug and Play Gamepad. It means you can just connect it via your computer’s USB port and start playing games. However, if you want to have its buttons to work just like an Xbox 360 Gamepad, you may want to download and install the x360ce emulator from the net and configure your 360 controller’s buttons.


Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PCThe controlling sticks of the Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PC are smooth and easy to handle. The D-Pad works nicely. The buttons are conveniently located so your fingers can reach and operate effectively on them.

We played games like Silent Hill Homecoming, Crisis, Crisis 2, Singularity, Dirt 2, NFS Run, Hot Pursuit (2011), and Most Wanted without needing to configure the Gamepad using emulator software. Of course, the Gamepad had to be calibrated. It was nothing more than a decent game playing and controlling experience with this Black Cat 360 controller. However, the controller’s vibration feature worked flawlessly.

We failed to make Black Cat 360 Gamepad work with games such as Darksiders 1 and 2, even after we configured the buttons with the Xbox 360 emulator. The gamepad could not achieve 360-degree view control in those games, rendering itself useless.

Looks good, inexpensive.360-degree control can’t be achieved for the latest games. Does not work with games such as Darksiders 1, 2.

Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PCConclusion

Black Cat 360 Gamepad for PC is a Chinese product. Though the Gamepad worked nicely with most games we tried, yet this gamepad may render useless when playing games like Darksiders that require 360-degree control. If you are looking for a gamepad under $12 and you don’t wish to play 360-degree games, then you may give it a try.

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