Nokia N9 Smartphone Review

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Powered by 1 GHz Cortex A8 CPU, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, and backed by the MeeGo operating system, the Nokia N9 is designed for serious multitasking operations. It is available in four different colors: cyan, magenta, black, and white.

Design of Nokia N9

Nokia N9 sports a simple design with fine curves, rounded corners and a gorgeous 3.9-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The 3.5mm audio port is located at the top left, SIM card slot at the top right and mini USB port in-between them. Nokia N9 does not have a memory card slot; it has only three buttons (the camera shutter button, and volume up/down buttons that also function as camera zoom in/out buttons) located at its right side.

Nokia N9 has two cameras. The primary camera is located in the middle of its back. The secondary camera is placed at the bottom right. The placement of the secondary camera is well thought out given the position of the camera zoom in/out buttons.



Nokia N9

Nokia N9

Overall, Nokia N9’s design is intuitive but the color combination doesn’t appeal that much.

Nokia N9 UI

Nokia N9The MeeGo (v1.2 Harmattan) operating system is simple and graphic rich. It is easy to get used to with MeeGo. You can wake the device up just by tapping the screen. Swipe the phone from the edge of the skin to go back to where you left off.

The MeeGo Harmattan has three screens: application screen, events screen, and the multitask screen. The application screen displays all the icons of different applications that come built-in or downloaded by you. You can rearrange, add, or remove icons from here. The events screen displays all the social networks news and events on one page. You can have your Facebook feeds, Twitter, and RSS feeds, and miscalls, SMS notifications displayed in that screen.

Nokia N9

The multitasking view is effective because it shows everything that you are currently doing. And all the apps in this view are actually alive. You can use maps, visit website pages, have multiple Facebook chats going on with friends, use the weather application, or watch videos from this view. And all of your current activities will be displayed as thumbnails on the multitasking view. A very intuitive feature is that if you swipe while watching a video, you will see the video is still running underneath. The most recent activity lists as the top
icon on the multitasking view.

The application view, multitasking view, and events feed view is a really nice way of handling everything that you need to do with your device. The core benefit lies in reducing the time required for closing and opening different applications or switching between applications each time. MeeGo is very easy, very addictive and at the same time very powerful. It can be quite handy for left-handed users.

Nokia N9 Performance

Nokia N9Nokia N9 performed nicely while using different applications, making and receiving calls, shooting pictures or record videos or simply listening to songs. We did not find problems with basic phone features. The big touch keyboard was pleasant to use. The Nokia N9 produced high clarity music when used with the Dolby headphone that comes with it. Both of the cameras performed well. The 8-MP Carl Zeiss lens camera takes nice photos. We recorded video at 720p, which looked pretty good on 22-inches monitor.

We have found but two problems with Nokia N9 – the lack of a memory card slot. Certainly, this limits Nokia N9’s functionality to some degree, as Nokia N9 is available with only two different capacities, 16GB and 64GB. Apart from this, the screen does need some protection, as there is no raised edge to protect it when kept on a surface with the front face down. So, probably you will need a casing to protect the beauty of this phone. Except for these minor glitches, we found Nokia N9 to be a beautiful phone with great ease and decent speed of operations. You might also like our post on Latest smartphones.

Affordable, fast, reliable, better battery backup.No memory card slot, need screen protection. Could have been more gorgeous in look.

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