Chinese Cell Phone Sony Xperia LT26 Review

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Replicas of popular phones have become somewhat of a secondary choice among consumers who can’t afford the real phone. These Chinese cell phones are very cheap (usually costs about one-tenth of the real phone) but not necessarily as bad as you may anticipate. We recently came across a Chinese replica of Sony Xperia LT26.

The Chinese replica of Sony Xperia LT26 has two SIM card slots, a memory card slot, primary and secondary VGA camera. It is a Java-enabled mobile phone. It features Bluetooth, GPRS connection technology, FM radio, and MP3/MP4 playback. Some widely popular Apps, Chatting Apps, and games come built-in with this mobile phone. Its UI is also a replica of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

What is in the box?

The box contains the Chinese replica of Sony Xperia LT26, a data cable, charger, a battery, and a user manual.


Sony Xperia LT26 Chinese replicaAs a replica, the Chinese Cell Phone Sony Xperia LT26 looks very much like the real Sony Xperia LT26. The glossy black plastic body and the 3.8-inches large display gives does tend to give you the false impression that it is an expensive phone. The display is clear, bigger fonts and QUERTY keypad work nicely. The color is decent, but the resolution is not HD despite what is advertised on the box, and it is certainly not Amoled screen. The screen is sensitive to touches and works fine. However, the screen is not multi-touch enabled.

On the positive side, the illuminated buttons on the bar below the display look cool. Another bar is also on the back of this replica of Sony Xperia LT26. This bar has two LED lights that flash when you have a missed call or unread message.


Sony Xperia LT26 Chinese replicaThere are no ports or buttons on any side of the replica of Sony Xperia except the power button and charger port on its top. It has a secondary camera on the front and the primary camera on the back. Both cameras are VGA, but they are capable of taking pictures of resolution up to 1024×1280. The primary camera comes with a LED flash. Both cameras come with a few options including exposure setting, and night mode. You can also capture video. The secondary camera on the phone face can be used for video chatting, but video chatting experience may not be even decent because this set only supports GPRS connection (It does not have EDGE or Wi-Fi).

On the positive side, you can connect this set to your desktop PC and use it as a mass storage device, modem, webcam, or for synchronizing data.

The UI looks good and easy to get used to with. It looks much like Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Angry birds, Sokoban, and apps such as Talk Tom etc come preloaded with this phone. The preloaded active wallpaper Firefly looks very nice on this replica of Sony Xperia LT26.


Sony Xperia LT26 Chinese replica

Chinese replica of Sony Xperia LT26 works faster than we expected. We made and received a few calls. The voice quality on both ends was decent. Voice quality improved as we used a Bluetooth headset. The cabled headphone that comes this set is pure junk. However, if you can’t afford to buy a Bluetooth headset, we recommend not to throw it away yet. Because you may need it to listen to FM radio. However, even with a Bose headphone, this set was unable to deliver any loud music. The music output was of decent quality, but it was not loud enough to enjoy the music.

Battery life is decent. You can talk for 3 hours, play games, and watch videos, for another hour and there will still be some juices left.

Available for less than $50. Two SIM cards, two VGA cameras with LED flash, 3.8-inch colorful display, internet (GPRS only), popular apps preloaded, Skybuddy (facebook chat, yahoo, msn).The battery cover is not so durable, no EDGE or Wi-Fi, the UI is a replica of Android UI.


The price of Chinese replica of Sony Xperia LT26’s price may vary based on your location. But commonly, it should cost you no more than $40. For a $40 phone, this semi-smart replica of the original Sony Xperia LT26 can be a good deal for some consumers. You might also like our post on Latest smartphones.


* Network Frequency: Quad bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* Display: 3.9 inch, 260K color; 320x480px. Touchscreen
* JAVA, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Opera Mini, SMS/MMS
* Dual sim card, two standby
* Two cameras, primary with LED flash
* FM
* Bluetooth
* Ringtone format: mp3, WAV
* Music: MP3/WAV/WMA
* Video: 3GP, MPEG
* Games
* Voice recorder
* Handwritten input
* GPRS download
* Infrared interface,
* E-book

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