Top Seven Eye Friendly, Safe and Durable Tablet PCs for Kids

You need to consider how eye-friendly, safe and durable the tablet is and if it features great parental control software...

Recommended 9-inch Tablet Computers under $150

Many Chinese 9-inch Tablet PCs are available for less than $130. We have picked the best three 9-inch Tablet PCs featuring Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

Review of the PIPO smart-S1 Jelly Bean 7-inch Tablet PC

PIPO smart-S1 is the best 7-inch Jelly Bean based Android Tablet PC you can get for $100. The touch response time is very fast making it a great portable device for playing games.

Review of the D2Pad D2-721-WH Jelly Bean 7-inch Tablet PC

The D2Pad is great for pastime entertainment, video chatting, and social networking. It is reasonably fast; it can play latest games and run latest apps. It feels durable. The white D2Pad looks nice too. If the battery life were a little better,

Best Ice Cream Sandwich based 7-inch Tablet PCs under $100

We published our recommendation on affordable Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet PCs four months ago. We decided to review some of the newest Chinese Tablet PCs and come up with a list of the very best of them. All of the listed tablets come with Android Apps market, so there is no need for rooting.

Top three branded 7-inch Android 4.0 Tablet PCs that costs under $100

There are hundreds of low cost Chinese tablet computers in the market. Not all of them are bad choices. However, you need to be careful when choosing one. We have carefully researched the market and selected the best three Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Tablet computers that cost less than $100. Here are the best three 7-inch Android 4.0 Tablet computers that you can buy at less than $100.

Review of the PD10 FreeLander Android 4.0 Tablet PC

PD10 FreeLander 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC performed impressively for its price. It is fast, durable, slim, compact and attractive. We highly recommend buying PD10 7 inch Tablet PC to anyone who is looking for a reliable, durable and affordable Tablet PC that costs less than $100.

Review of the Ainol Novo 7 Tornados Tablet PC

Ainol Novo 7 Tornados is a top choice for a 7-inch Tablet PC featuring Android 4.0 and costs under $100. In fact, it costs only $95. It is durable, yet light and portable. Battery backup is decent. The 7 inch touch screen works nice and displays bright picture in high definition.

Review of the Ampe A76 Elite 7 Inch Touch Screen Tablet PC

Ampe A76 Elite 7 inch Tablet PC is recommendable for anyone looking for a Tablet PC under $90. You can expect it to perform nicely when internet browsing and doing simple task as video chatting, using Skype, Facebook, watching videos on Youtube or listening to music.