The best $1000 Gaming Rig of 2017:  This is the best configuration for a $1000 gaming rig as of August 2017. This list was built by PC Gamers, and gaming enthusiast members of our team.

2017 Latest Gaming PC build under $500:  This is the best configuration for a budget gaming PC build that costs under $500 as of September 2017. This list was built by PC Gamers, and gaming enthusiasts.

Building a great gaming computer at $500:  Building a gaming computer spending less than $600 is a challenge, especially if you intend to play latest games such as Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 etc. If you do not mind playing latest games at an average of 35 FPS with high details and resolution set to 1600:900, then this gaming rig will more than satisfy you.

Building a $1000 hardcore gaming rig for the latest and upcoming games of 2013:  This $960 gaming PC let us enjoy a frame rate of 50 or higher even with maximum details at full HD resolution while playing games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, NFS MW 2, and Diablo 3. The lowest frame rate we encountered was 43 while playing Skyrim in maximum details.

Review of the ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD10:  ZOTAC ZBOX nano mini-PCs could be thought of as the descendants of desktop PCs. ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD10 discarded obsolete parts and introduced the latest and more reliable technologies.

Building a complete Entertainment Desktop at $699:  Building a high-performance entertainment desktop at $699 is a challenge. But we have recently surveyed and searched many computer products and decided to go with the following parts to give you the best possible PC configuration at lowest possible price. We have listed the components with their price and brief reviews.

How to build a high performance gaming desktop:  If you are a hardcore gamer then you will agree that you cannot ever get a brand gaming PC equipped with preferred components within your budget. But, what if you build a custom gaming PC? It is very easy to assemble a clone PC even if you have only little or no knowledge of assembling a desktop.