How to build a high performance gaming desktop

Building a custom gaming PC is easy. Try the configuaration for your gaming PC and enjoy latest games including upcoming games of 2013 to play in full details and impressive frame rate.
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If you are a hardcore gamer (see our recommendation on Building a Hardcore Gaming PC under $1000) then you will agree that you cannot ever get a brand gaming PC equipped with preferred components within your budget. But, what if you build a custom gaming PC? It is very easy to assemble a clone PC even if you have only little or no knowledge of assembling a desktop.

You can easily cut down some cost and yet get heavy performance parts for your gaming requirements by building a clone gaming desktop yourself. If you face any difficulty at all, you have YouTube how-tos to help you out. So, would you like to build a gaming PC by yourself? Okay, then, let us start.

Deciding the budget

If money is not a problem then you can build a custom gaming PC with $4000 (well, some graphics cards alone will cost more than $4000) or even more. But this article is for those who want to make a custom gaming PC with which they can play latest games in high details with decent to good frame rate at HD resolution. And for that, we want to limit our budget within $800. Sounds good? Then let us start with our requirements.

Computer parts included in the desktop

If you are a hardcore gamer then you already know AMD is better than Intel when it is about hardcore gaming, right? If you are an Intel lover, do not worry - go here to find an Intel gaming PC configuration. Here are the computer parts we will need to build a high performance gaming PC:

1. Motherboard, 2. Processor, 3. RAM, 4. Graphics card, 5. HDD, 6. BluRay or DVDRW, 7. Casing, 8. Monitor

build gaming pc


We would go for Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 motherboard. Because, it has all the features that we need to build a custom gaming PC within our budget. For instance, it supports up to 32 GB RAM, ATI crossfire technology, DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules, USB 3.0. This motherboard would cost you around $100.

Buy it for $73.79 from amazon.com.

build gaming pc


I know you may have liked a Phenom 6 core CPU, but simply, we cannot afford that. So, we would go for an almost equivalent one, the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition. It is 3.4 GHz CPU with 8 MB cash. This will suffice our requirements. You will get it for around $120.

Buy it for $93.79 from amazon.com.

build gaming pc


We will want to have at least 16 GB RAM for our gaming PC. Our motherboard has four RAM slots. So, we will go for Kingston HyperX 16 GB Kit that has Class 9 DDR3 4x4 GB memory modules. This RAM kit will be perfect. And it would cost us around $80 only.

Buy it for $79.99 from amazon.com.

Graphics card

build gaming pc It is the core component that will decide the PC's gaming performance. We need a solid graphics card that will not cost us a fortune and in the same time let us play latest games with full details and at impressive frame rate. After our extensive search on Graphics card, we decided to go with MSI Radeon HD R6850 Cyclone. MSI Cyclone's core clock runs at 860 MHz. It supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.1. MSI R6850 has 1 HDMI, 1 Display port, 2 DVI (1 single link and 1 dual link) ports. It runs on 256-bit GDDR5 memory. MSI Cyclone HD will give us great performance. And it is available for $150.

Buy it for $149.99 from amazon.com.

build gaming pc


We can go for 1 TB hard disk, but we need to stick to our budget. So, let us just go for Western Digital Caviar Blue 3rd generation 500 GB SATA hard drive. It has 7200 RPM, and 16 MB Cache. Since it is 3rd generation, so it can deliver up to 6GB/s transfer rates. It is compatible with our motherboard too. The Western Digital 500 GB SATA III would cost around $80.

Buy it for $57.99 from amazon.com.

build gaming pc

BluRay Drive

Since we will have to install OS and games, so we need at least a DVDR, but we are not only going to play games, right? We may also watch some HD movies on our PC. So, we decided to go for Samsung BluRay Combo Internal. It reads at 12x speed. Can write to DVD disks. It would cost us around $70.

Buy it for $56.23 from amazon.com.

build gaming pc

Computer case

We need to be careful when choosing a casing. We need USB 3.0 in it and enough features for air circulating and cooling. One such case is NZXT's TEMPEST 210 Massive Midtower Case. It comes in mesh style, and sports USB 3.0. It would cost us $55.

Buy it for $43.99 from amazon.com.

*Update: Thanks to one of our visitors who mentioned that this review did not include anything about a power supply. So, here it is: a 400 Watt power supply will work with this configuration. But we recommend Cooler Master Enforcer casing with Cooler Master eXtreme 500w power supply. The pair would cost you around $110.

build gaming pc


We know you would prefer an LED monitor. But LED monitors are not good for hardcore gaming. Why? Because, LED monitors are prone to burn-in effects. For instance, if a video game has HUD or heads-up display elements, you may see ghostly images of it on the screen when played for a long time.

So, we would go for a Full HD LCD monitor. A very good choice would be Acer G235hAbd 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor. It is full HD, that is, 1080p with 1920x1080 pixels. It has a native contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is cool for gaming and watching videos. And it would cost us only around $140.

Buy it from amazon.com.


That is it, we have built a very high performance gaming PC within only $800. And our custom built gaming PC is well equipped for PC games of 2013! Please be informed, you still need some money for buying an OS, and your gaming software. From our extensive research on branded gaming PC, we have not yet found a single PC equivalent to this configuration at any less than $1500. So, you have already saved a couple of $100 notes even after spending money for buying OS, and games DVDs. Happy Gaming.

[We have played games like Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Mass effect 3, and Darksiders 2 in high details at very impressive frame rate with this PC configuration]

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