Review of the Logitech 5 mega pixel webcam C170

Pros: Affordable, smoother video motion, noiseless audio, effective base/clip

Cons: Could have been a little less wide, not wide-angle webcam.
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Logitech C170 is an affordable 5-mega pixel USB webcam. You can shoot still photos with resolution up to 5 MP and video chat in VGA quality. C170 comes with a high-quality noise-cancelling microphone. It is supported on Windows XP and newer versions of Windows operating systems.

Logitech 5mp webcam C170

Logitech 5mp webcam C170 box

What is in the box?

Logitech C170 webcam comes in a nice protective packaging. The box contains the C170, a user manual and warranty document.

Design and features

The lens of C170 has round rectangular shape. On the left of the lens is the tiny activity LED that lights up when the webcam is on. The built-in microphone is located at the right side of the lens. The simple design is made more attractive with the Logitech Logo on ash background. There is nothing to complain about the look of the webcam except for those three leaves, which derogates the overall aesthetical value of C170. Another nit-pick could be its size. The nicely curved shape gives it an exotic look, but it would have been much more appealing if it were a little less wide.

What C170 lacks in look compensates with its highly effective flexible clip or base. The USB cable attached to the webcam is 4 feet long.

In most configurations, the cable is long enough to set your webcam at a suitable location or simply taking it close to some object that you want the person on the other end to see. It is very strong base for the camera, you can even put it in an uneven place and it will stand right there.

Logitech 5mp webcam C170

The lens on the base can be adjusted for proper angle by pushing it down or up. The base can fold into half. It can also work as a clip to stick to your monitor's top edge. The cable is on the backside of the webcam; so, it will be hidden behind your monitor and will keep things neat and less cluttered.

Logitech 5mp webcam C170 box


Logitech C170 projects a clear and bright footage of you to you and to the person(s) on the other of the connection. You can download the latest driver and software for your webcam from Logitech website http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/support/webcams/. With the software downloaded, you can take 5MP (software enhanced) still photos. You may also want to use Logitech's own video chatting software the Vid HD.

The microphone has built-in mechanism to reduce background noise. We ran a couple of video conferences using C170. The other end confirmed that our voice was clear, and that they did not have to suffer any noise, or echo problems.


Logitech C170 is an affordable USB webcam that is easy to use and lets you enjoy better resolution video chatting. You can take pictures of up to 5 MP resolution using Logitech software. It has nice shape and size. The clip/base of the camera effectively attaches itself to your monitor or lets you place it anywhere you like. C170 is not a wide-angle webcam. C170 is just another regular use webcam that you can expect to last for more than a couple of years. It comes with a two years hardware warranty.

Logitech 5mp webcam C170

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