Review of the Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner

Pros: affordable widescreen HD TV Tuner with resolution support up to 1920 X 1200p. Supports switching between three aspect ratios 4:3/16:9/16:10. Full function remote.

Cons: Programs not recordable.
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Where to buy
Gadmei Flipkart Price: Rs. 1074
Sabrent amazon.com Price $38.24
Avertv amazon.com Price $49.99

Gadmei TV2810E is an affordable TV tuner that lets you watch TV on your widescreen computer LCD monitor. It sports a full function remote control. It allows you to switch between computer and TV output with a push of a button. It features PIP function, which allows you to watch TV while working on your computer.

What is in the box?

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner comes in a nice box that highlights and illustrates different features of the TV tuner. It contains Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner, RM008-V remote control, a 2-pin AC adapter, a VGA cable, Stereo audio cable, and a user manual.


Gadmei TV2810E TV Tune Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner comes in black color. The rear panel of the TV Tuner has the following ports: VGA Out, VGA In, PC audio, audio out, DC 5V, and Antenna In. The side panel contains MMI extend to AV input and multi-media as DVD/PS2/XBOX. The top of TV2810E TV Tuner has the built-in speakers and five buttons: Menu, Volume up/down, and Channel +/-.

Overall, the design is compact and it looks good too. It will reduce cluttering on your desk, as most of the ports are located on the rear panel.


Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner sports progressive scanning TV chip (DPTV), which has an initial refresh rate of 50Hz, but it can increase to 60Hz as needed. It supports reception systems such as PAL (SECAM), and NTSC.

TV2810E TV Tuner features true HD output resolution (1920 X 1080p or 1920 X 1200). So, it can effectively turn your LCD monitor into a HDTV given that your computer monitor supports HD resolution. It supports three different aspect ratio 4:3/16:9/16:10 enabling you to view TV programs in their original aspect ratio.

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tune front view

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner features unique Pan Scan image stretch mode to display TV programs in their original aspect ratio while watching on a wide screen LCD monitor. It also features Image denoise technology for crisp and noiseless picture output. Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner has some optional features such as FM and NICAM, but you will hardly ever use them.

Setup and Performance

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tune back panel Setting up a Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner with your computer is child's play. It is a PnP device, which means you will not need any software to use it. We used TV2810E TV Tuner with Asus VH222H monitor and it seamlessly turned the 21.5-inch monitor into a HDTV. Picture was bright, clear and noiseless, not to mention, high-resolution support made the TV programs lifelike. Gadmie's built-in stereo speakers are loud but you will probably want to use an external speaker. We used F&D F6000 5:1 speaker system, because, F6000 let you switch between computer audio and TV or PSP/Xbox/DVD with the push of a button. Apparently Gadmei put some thought when designing the product, because, the sound output was more than impressive.

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tune side panel The PIP (picture in picture) function worked nicely. This feature can be great on occasions when you are waiting for some special programs and rather than just waiting and watching ads, you want to do some browsing or other basic tasks. Of course, you will need a bigger screen monitor to use this function with comfort.

Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner does not have recording option, however, it lets you capture single frame while watching TV.


There is hardly anything to complain about the affordable Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner. It is well built, nicely designed, compact and attractive. It has decent signal reception; video and audio output is impressive. Gadmei TV2810E TV Tuner will cost you about $25 to $30 depending on your location. We highly recommend Gadmei TV2810E as an affordable but reliable external TV Tuner.


Gadmei TV2810E TV Tune back panel * Power input: DC 5V_700mA

* RF input: 48-862MHz

* AV input: 1Vp-p/75 Ohm (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)

* Resolution: 800*600@60/75Hz, 1024*768@60/75Hz 1280*1024@60Hz, 1440*900@60Hz & 1920*1200 is optional

* Output frequency: Horizontal frequency: 37KHz-64KHz

Vertical frequency: 60Hz-75Hz (refresh rate)

* TV system: PAL-B/G, NTSC-M + PAL-M/N, PAL + SECAM-D/K?B/G.

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