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F&D F6000

F&D F6000 5.1 sound system review

F&D F6000

Pros: Hi volume, deep base and loveable tweeter sound that makes you feel the music, ease of usability, long cables for front and rear sattellite placement, remote control, digital display

Cons: Fenda has changed the original design of the remote control and the subwoofer grill. Find the original version. It looks much cooler.


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Fenda brings us F&D F6000 5.1 speaker system. F&D F6000 features nicely designed sub-woofer and 5 satellite speakers. The slim and black remote control lets you have full control over the speaker system. F&D F6000 has both 5:1 and stereo input. It means you can connect it to two audio sources at once. For example, you can connect your computer and/or your TV or iPhone’s audio jack with F&D F6000. The remote control and the front panel of the sub-woofer have the ‘input’ buttons that you can push to change between sources.

Design and features

F&D F6000 5.1 channel sound system weighs 12.7 kilogram. That gives you some idea how massive it is. The subwoofer features an 8-inch bass driver, while the satellites have 1.5″ tweeters and 3″ full range drivers.
F&D F6000 comes in black color. The satellites of F6000 have hard plastic body with glossy finish and metal grill to cover the tweeters and full range speakers. The subwoofer comes in a wooden cabinet for preventing bass distortion. The front panel of subwoofer has four buttons to select audio source, adjusting volume, selecting sound option (cinematic surround, movie mode, music mode, and normal mode), adjusting volume output through each satellite channel and subwoofer.

F&D F6000
The front panel features a nice big display panel that shows the current changes made. It has two LED indicators that show the currently active audio source. The remote control sensor is located on the front panel. All of the operations can also be performed using the fluorescent remote control that is pleasantly slim and attractive. F&D F6000 has sleep timer, mute and on/off buttons on the front panel of subwoofer and on the remote control.

F&D 5.1 channel subwooferF&D F6000 surround satellites come with reasonably long cables that are 30 feet (approx.) in length. The front speakers have 15 feet long cables and the center and subwoofer have 10 feet cable. Apparently, F&D gave a great thought about user’s preference when designing F6000.

The back panel for cabling is pretty organized and made simple with color-codes. The user manual makes it a child’s play. The setup should only take a couple of minutes.


However, F&D F6000 may not be the best-looking 5.1 channel speaker system available in the market but what it lacks in look compensates in its power and features.

According to Fenda, F6000 has P.M.P.O rating of 6500 Watts. The R.M.S rating for the two front and two rear speakers are 13 Watts each; the center satellite is 14 Watts, and the subwoofer is 57 Watts. After we heard the sound and checked the volume, we were convinced that Fenda did not lie about the specs. On the bad side, F&D F6000 has a rather low signal to noise ratio ≥ 70dB. Surprisingly, we did not experience any audible noise in signal whatsoever.

F&D 5.1 channel center


We connected two sources with F&D F6000: our computer to the 5. 1 channel input and our TV box to the stereo channel. We were surprised with the loud, deep base, nice and prominent tweeter output. F&D F6000 satelliteEven when we turned the volume up to its full, we hardly experienced any distortion from subwoofer or satellite output. The surround sound feature of F&D F6000 seamlessly turned our TV’s stereo audio into 5.1 surround cinematic sound. The ‘Movie’ mode adds even more depth to base.

With a push of the button, we switched to our computer’s audio on F&D F6000. We played songs of different genres such as heavy metal, trash metal, acid metal, rock, alternative, indie and so on to test F&D’s ability. And in all cases, it surprised us. When playing some of Slipknot’s songs, we were shocked at how our couch was vibrating. F&D F6000 made us feel the songs.

We played games such as Darksiders, NFS Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2 etc. In every case, we were highly surprised with the quality and life-like clarity of the sound F&D F6000 output.

F&D F6000 subwoofer back


F&D F6000 won our heart. It is not a beauty but it certainly is the beast. F&D F6000 is available for $130 but it outperformed many $200 and even some $300 sound systems when it comes to volume, clarity, base depth, surround sound, and ease of usability. We give F6000 the prestigious rating 4.5.

Note: We reviewed the first and original version of F&D F6000 with the slim and attractive remote control. There are apparently two versions of the same model F6000. When you buy it, remember to match pictures from our review.


* 1.5″ tweeter and 3″ full range driver for satellites
* 8″ powerful bass driver for subwoofer
* High glossy surface plus metal grill on satelliate
* Heavy duty metal grill for subwoofer
* Front panel controls for standby, menu, volume+/-F&D F6000
* Wooden cabinet delivers strong and low distortion bass
* Fluorescence full function remote control
* Power output: 13Wx4+14W+57W (RMS)
* Front driver: 1.5″ tweeter +3″ full range
* Center driver: 1.5″ tweeter +3″ full range
* Surround driver: 1.5″ tweeter +3″ full range
* Subwoofer driver: 8″
* Frequency response: 230 – 20KHz (front)
230 – 20KHz (center)
230 – 20KHz (surround)
20 – 90Hz (subwoofer)
* Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 70dB
* Separation: ≥ 35dB
* Dimension: W98xH208xD100mm (front)
W260xH98xD102mm (center)
W98xH208xD100mm (surround)
W280xH315xD420mm (subwoofer)
* Weight: 12.7Kg (net)

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