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Best Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Under $30 Best Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Under $30

If you love music like I do, then you might have noticed that some songs and melodies sound better at a lower volume; more precisely, they tend to sound better on smaller size speakers than the regular sized ones. For instance, I have always loved playing the Autumn by George Winston at a low volume…

camera phones under $500 Best unlocked camera phones under $500

If you are thinking that you can’t get the best of the camera phones for $500, you are not entirely mistaken. Because the best doesn’t come at any less than $574, and it is no other than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Rest assured, the gap between the best and the ones listed here is not…

laptops under $350 Best laptops under $350

When buying a laptop you may torn between the choices of better build, configuration, display size, display resolution, battery backup, or other factors. This is where our recommendation based on research and hand-on data may help you find the best laptop priced at or around $350. We recommend the following five best laptops under $350….