About affordable product reviews

We are a team of freelance professional reviewers with two basic goals to bring values to both consumers and manufacturers:

"We want all consumers to purchase the best product with their hard earned money."

We review different products available at affordable prices. If you are a consumer, we want to make your purchase decision easy; if you are a manufacturer of reliable products, we want to highlight your products by writing a fair and impartial review of it.

Product Reviews

Generally, we only review Cars, TVs, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Mobile Phones, Computer and software products. Hopefully, we will be reviewing more products in near future.

Computer Reviews

We review desktop, laptop, tablets, processors, motherboard, graphics cards, monitors, sound systems, and other computer accessories.

Review your products

If you have a high end product at an affordable price, and you want us to review your product, please send us your product by mail. We only do hands on review of products. So, it is necessary that we have the product for reviewing.

Mailing address

Send your products to any of the following first two team leaders of AffordableProductReview.com. Please take care of shipment cost and taxes so we don't have to pay to receive the product for reviewing.

Muhammad Shams E Tubriz
United States
Phone: 5166373876


Mohammad Ashiqul Islam
House 31(3/A), Road 5, Sector 11
Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Phone: 880 1727205450


Divyanshu Negi
26/4 vivek vihar,
Balliwala Dehradun
Uttrakhand - India