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best phone Which phone is the best phone?

When talking about the best phone in the market, surely you come up with the obvious choices such as iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9+, right?┬áNo doubt these two phones sport the latest technology, great cameras, build quality, and the style statement, but so do their twins such as iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy S9…

Best camera for slow motion video Best camera for slow motion video shooting

Before buying a camera capable of capturing HD slow motion video, you need to know how slow motion video recording works. Slo-mo video is recorded at high fps (frames per second). When it is played back in normal fps (generally 30fps, which is smooth enough for human eyes), it becomes a slow motion video clip….

best CPUs Best CPUs in different price ranges

A processor or CPU is the central unit of your computer that decides how fast your computer will run. Hundreds of Intel and AMD desktop processors are available in different price ranges. Desktop processors are available from as low as $35 to as high as $1000 or even more. Different models of desktop CPUs and…

best laptops under $500 Best laptops under $500

Most people do not need to run graphically intensive software, or intend to play high-end games on their laptops. Professionals who need a laptop to run software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS7, Android Studio or browse internet, carry out video conference calls, need not spend more than $500 on a laptop. We believe 15.6-inch…

Best 4K Televisions under $500 Best 4K Televisions Under $500

This is a list of the best 4K Televisions under $500. If you are seriously thinking about buying a 4k or Ultra HD television, you should know a few things about 4k or UHD TVs. For instance, 4K or UHD smart TVs require high speed internet connection for allowing 4K video streaming. If you are…